credit information services

standard credit report

Modern business requires an adequate credit policy regarding the debtor. Any creditor will consider the level of risk of default before providing a loan to the debtor. The future financial condition of the creditor will depend on how correct the credit risk is assessed.

Credit risk is the risk that may sustain losses through the debtor’s failure to meet contractual obligations.

Our Standard Credit Reports allow us to make an accurate assessment of the credit risks of the requested company. They contain the most current credit recommendations, financial, registration data, and other information necessary to assess the debtor’s risk of non-payment.

The assessing process of the credit ratings and limits consider qualitative (history, legal form, dimension, etc.) and quantitative (financial statements, financial ratios) indicators of the requested company. And each such indicator has a weight effect on the credit rating and limit.

A Standard Credit Report is an effective tool to identify the debtor’s risks of non-payment.

in-depth report

Standard Credit Report based on data from open sources allows us to get a quick assessment of creditworthiness. In-Depth Report is intended for a more detailed analysis, for a complete understanding of the financial situation of the company. It is represented as a mini audit. Also, it allows us to identify the hidden reserves of the company that potentially might affect the credit rating. It allows us to make an aggregated assessment of credit risks for a group of companies. In-Depth Report contains the most accurate and verified information with recommendations aimed at improving the creditworthiness of the requested company.

In-Depth Report is an extended report that includes all the necessary credit information for the requested company that is aimed at assisting businesses to make right decisions.

site visit report

Additionally, we make visits to offices, production bases, warehouses, and other company facilities for our clients. The purpose of Site Visit Report is to assess the requested company according to its external characteristics, such as the location of the office, the status of the office, the status of the production base, etc. Also, Site Visit Report can be ordered to identify the location of the requested company.

Correct credit decisions - improve business positions